I have to say most of my references do come from attacking positions but regardless the points still stand. 


Teams like Norwich, West Brom, Fulham tend to be the yo-yo clubs that seem almost too good for the championship but not quote good enough to stick it out and challenge the lower level prem teams. This is partly due to their squads, these sort of clubs cling onto the stars that get them promoted but it always fails the next year. 


Mitrovik being a fantastic example, this season he already has 20+ league goals and we haven’t even got to March yet! This is ridiculous numbers. In the championship he can bully defenders and use his raw power to score goals. You don’t look at a player like this and think elegant you think bull in a china shop. Mitrovik has had 2 full seasons in the premier league having stints at Newcastle and Fulham but still just looks like a championship player amongst quality defenders. You can’t bully people like Van Dijk, Maguire or Rudiger..

It’s very likely that Fulham will be within a chance to get promoted again so who knows maybe 3rd time lucky for Mitrovik. 


Anthony knockaert…I’ve had the pleasure to watch knockaert live in the championship and premier league. Technically an unbelievable player, his crossing and dribbling is incredible. He’s brave and skilful everything you want from your winger. In the championship he’s torn it up for Leicester and Brighton. Winning promotion for both clubs being player of the season for both. That’s where his progress stopped, he didn’t get a fair attempt at the prem with Leicester but at Brighton he was given more than enough chances. With the premier league, you don’t get given time to breathe on the wing and you can be found out quickly, unfortunately, this is what happened to knockaert. He moved back to the championship and had spells with Fulham and Nottingham but I think we’ve seen the last of him in the premier league especially at this age.


Ollie Norwood, I have a story of my own about this person. When I was doing to door to door sales I was pitching in the wealthy part of Brighton and who’s door should I knock on but newly signed Ollie Norwood. At the time I was selling hello fresh but  I remember him being polite and building rapport, hence how I found out what he does. For me I completely get why famous people don’t like doing photos with people hence why I didn’t ask. Back to him as a player Ollie is a Manchester United academy product, after he couldn’t break into their first team he spent time on loan eventually getting his move away. Ollie has always been a great championship player earning promotion twice with Brighton and Sheffield United. It was only until he moved to Sheffield that he got his chance in the premier league and some might even consider his first season a success but I personally think the team over performed and he was just apart of it, he wasn’t a stand out player to their incredible season. Chris Wilder must have recognised this because the following season he was gone. It seems harsh off the back of what was an incredible team effort but in the league you have to always improve your squad otherwise its easy to get drawn into the relegation scrap.


Again I fall back to the striker stereotype Dwight Gayle. Gayle has played in the prem for many teams Newcastle, West Brom and Crystal Palace. Don’t get me wrong he’s scored goals but he’s never been a regular. Always in and out of the squad and never truly getting a run of games. However in the championship he looks unplayable, you can always expect 20+ goals a season with him at that level, in the premier league it’d be 10 if you’re lucky. Premier league teams can’t build a future on this and that’s what leaves him short.


Ones to watch out for that are fast becoming the next candidates for this well known stereotype… Dominic Solanke. Right now for Bournemouth he is tearing it up with 18 league goals, if Bournemouth get automatic promotion he’s definitely to thank for it! Being a Chelsea graduate and a big player for the England youth system he’s on everyone radar! With Morgan Gibbs White getting a move to Sheffield this season from a selfish England squad perspective we all hoped he’d get plenty of minutes to showcase his quality and so far we have not been disappointed. Plenty of stand out performances to show Wolves what hes capable of, he really needs another shot at the premier but if it doesn’t work out this looks like its championship football for him moving forward!  


Let’s be honest anyone that can get to championship level football is a serious baller but there really is a jump in quality when you go to the premier league and not everyone can make it, we’re seeing prospects like Ivan Toney, Mbuemo,  Cantwell, Arrons, Sarr and Dennis all get their chance but will it be enough to earn them a regular team in the best division on the planet. Ideally when you get promoted the goal is to stay in the premier league but unfortunately a lot of teams go straight back down again. So for some this is their chance make an impression to get a full time move to a better squad or maybe a newly promoted team the following season.


If there are any players you can think of that you think are better choices I’d love to hear it so please leave a comment in the blog or post!